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Python Question

Is it possible to add PyQt4/PySide packages on a Virtualenv sandbox?

I'm using Virtualenv with profit on my development environment with
and other web oriented packages.

I'm going to develop a simple python client using Qt to reuse some Api developed with

Does anybody here had succesfully installed PyQt4 with Virtualenv?

Is it possible?

I've downloaded all the binaries and have
installed globally on my python2.6 directory.

If I don't use
option, Virtualenv correctly includes
in my new sandbox but, obviously, with all the global packages that I don't need.

Is there a clean way to prepare a new sandbox with
option and then add
or some other magic trick?

Answer Source

It should be enough to create an empty virtualenv and then copy the contents of the .../site-packages/PyQt4 directories into it.

I suggest to install PyQt4 once globally, make a copy of the directory, uninstall it and then use this trick to create VEs.

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