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SilverStripe restrict level-3 child pages

What is the easiest and most convenient way to restrict CMS users from creating level-3 child pages?

I've tried this in

class Page

public function canHaveChild() {

//Get SiteTree column value ParentID of this record
$parentID = DataObject::get("SiteTree", "WHERE ID = '$this->ID'")->ParentID;

//If parentID = 0, this is a root page, so it can have a childpage
if($parentID == 0) {
$this->allowed_children = array("Page", "BasicPage", "FormPage");
} else {
$this->allowed_children = false;


With this function, I can still create child pages far down the tree, so it doesn't change allowed_children

Answer Source

You can override SilverStripe's allowedChildren function.

class Page extends SiteTree
    public function allowedChildren()
            return [];

        return ['Page', 'BasicPage', 'FormPage'];

With this you don't need to set the $allowed_children property.

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