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Is there a way to manually enter locations in Geofire through Firebase web?

I made an app that uses the user location, but I need my client to manually enter the locations through their coordinates. I haven't been able to do this since GeoFire uses a unique code as part of the location parameter.

Is there a way to enter a location without this code, or determine how to construct this code manually?

g: "dhwfxhhf02" //This is the unique code.
0: 25.77427 //These are the only parameters I would need. And would like to input them directly in Firebase.com
1: -80.19366


Answer Source

That unique code is the so-called "GeoHash" and it's what makes GeoFire tick.

It's automatically generated when you use the GeoFire API, such as with:

geoFire.setLocation(CLLocation(latitude: 37.7853889, longitude: -122.4056973), forKey: "firebase-hq")

If you need to provide a web interface for your users, you can just use GeoFire for JavaScript in a web page and call set() on there. See https://github.com/firebase/geofire-js/blob/master/docs/reference.md#geofiresetkeyorlocations-location

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