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SQL Question

Can someone give me a high overview of how works?

I have an MS SQL database and have a

field that I would like to do queries like
where name like '%searchTerm%'
. But right now it is too slow, even with SQL enterprise's full text indexing.

Can someone explain how
Lucene .Net
might help my situation? How does the indexer work? How do queries work?

What is done for me, and what do I have to do?

Answer Source

I saw this guy (Michael Neel) present on Lucene at a user group meeting - effectively, you build index files (using Lucene) and they have pointers to whatever you want (database rows, whatever)

Very fast, flexible and powerful.

What's good with Lucene is the ability to index a variety of things (files, images, database rows) together in your own index using Lucene and then translating that back to your business domain, whereas with SQL Server, it all has to be in SQL to be indexed.

It doesn't look like his slides are up there in Google code.

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