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Typo3 CKEditor RTE configuration

I've just updated my site from

Typo3 8.5.1 to Typo3 8.7.7
and it looks like this version add a new RTE called 'CkEditor Rich Text Editor' (extension key rte_ckeditor).
I need to configure the editor to allow backend users to add style to there texts, like add paragraph with classes or things like that.

I found this tutorial, which explain how to do that: .

I first tried to change the default preset of the editor with this line :
RTE.default.preset = full
on the Page TS Config of one of my pages, but I don't see any differences. It looks like my extension don't want to be configured.

Then, I tried to create my own preset to add my own classes etc...
From what I understood, I have 2 choices :

  1. Create an extension just for that

  2. Use an existing extension to insert my Yaml file

I tried the 2nd option but again it doesn't change anything when I change the preset in the Page TS Config...

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to solve it?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

I am using CKEditor extension 8.7.7.

Answer Source

First thought was the cache and I found this question with solution: Adding a textstyle in the new RTE editor (TYPO3 8.7.1)

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