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Online Tool for Cran checks

Even when I am afraid to be a bit off-topic, but I am not sure where else to ask this, sorry!

I am developing my R-package using a Linux system, hence I can run the

R CMD check --as-cran
command easily for Linux. For Windows it is also possible using a colleagues computer.

But how do you check your packages for MacOS? Or even worse, how to check for Solaris? I just ask, because I got an error there from the CRAN checks and most likely I won't be able to fix it without some try+error. But uploading new packages over and over until the error is fixed for MacOS can't be the solution...

Hence my question is, is there an online tool similar to win-builder (e.g. 'win-check.r-project.org' and 'macos-check.r-project.org' and so on), where you could check your package for all possible platforms, before submitting to cran?
Unfortunately I do not know anybody who has a Mac, nor does Apple make it easy to install their OS on a x86 computer (I found the Hackintosh project, but it seems to be a bit shady...). Having such tools would make it much easier to fix certain issues in one's package.

Thanks for reading this!

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No. There is currently no publicly available cross-platform checker available for R (with the possible exception of R-forge, which tends to be a bit unreliable)

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