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Swift Question

How to use try-catch in Swift?

I get how I can create my own errors and trigger them in Swift with the

keyword. What I don't get is how to replicate the regular
try - catch
found in other languages (or the Ruby
) for unhandled exceptions.

Example (In Swift):

func divideStuff(a: Int, by: Int) -> Int {
return a / by

let num = divideStuff(4, by: 0) //divide by 0 exception

Here's how I'd deal with it in C#, for example:

int DivideStuff(int a, int b) {
int result;
try {
result = a / b;
catch {
result = 0;
return result;

How can I achieve the same with Swift?

Answer Source

In Swift there is no functionality to catch arbitrary runtime errors.
The developer is responsible to handle the errors properly.

For example

func divideStuff(a : Int, b : Int) -> Int {
  if b == 0 { return 0 }
  return a / b
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