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MPAndroidChart show specified range of XValues even when there is no corresponding YValue?

The Problem I am having is that I have charts which should always show a fixed range of XValues let's say all 24 hours in a day, but the Chart is only showing XValues up to and starting from the point of the first and last YValue, that is if I have two Y events, let's say 2am and 3pm, instead of showing the whole 24 hours, it will start at 2am and end at 3pm.

I think this has something to do with the new way to handle XValues via IAxisValueFormatter, since this used to work fine when we could add both X and Y values to a ChartData.

One hack to workaround this I found is to add empty YValues to first and last hour in my case 0 values, but this brings another issue that no matter what I set the minimum in LeftAxis it starts showing negative label values (starts in -15 instead of 0).

Is there an official way to do this? I have researched quite a bit about this and I am thinking on going back to a previous version of the library where I could just use the old way.

Edit: Just to clarify the problem doesn't have anything to do with the labels, but with the start and end of the Chart in X, it is discarding the range of X which doesn't have any YValues which I understand makes sense but it makes the results look ugly in certain cases.

Answer Source

You can use the setLabelCount() method to force the axis to draw labels according to the count you specify

According to the documentation:

setLabelCount(int count, boolean force)

@param count: the number of y-axis labels that should be displayed

@param force if enabled, the set label count will be forced, meaning that the exact specified count of labels will be drawn and evenly distributed alongside the axis - this might cause labels to have uneven values

And the setLabelCount method is defined below

public void setLabelCount(int count) {

    if (count > 25)
        count = 25;
    if (count < 2)
        count = 2;

    mLabelCount = count;
    mForceLabels = false;

You can use setLabelCount() with setAxisMaximum() and setAxisMinimum()

For example:

axis.setLabelCount(24, true);

This will draw values from 0 - 24 regardless of Y-Axis values

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