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Python Question

If X and Y matches element in NumPy Array

How do I check if there is an element in an array where both axes

[X, Y]
[drawx, drawy]

I have a NumPy array:

#format: [X, Y]
wallxy = numpy.array([[0,1],[3,2],[4,6]])

and two other variables:

#attached to a counter that increases value each loop
drawx = 3
drawy = 2

I'm using the array as a set of positions
and I need to test if
[drawx, drawy]
(also representing a position) is in one of the positions on both the X and Y axis etc.
drawx = 4
drawy = 6
returns true
drawx = 3
drawy = 2
returns true
drawx = 4
drawy = 2
returns false
drawx = 2
drawy = 1
returns false

Answer Source

== will broadcast the comparison, so

wallxy = numpy.array([[0, 1],[3, 2][4, 6]])
z0 = numpy.array([3,2])
z1 = numpy.array([2,3])

(z0==wallxy).all(1).any()  # True
(z1==wallxy).all(1).any()  # False

Which is, I think, what you're looking for.

Printing out the intermediate steps will be useful to understanding and working out similar tasks:

z0 == wallxy     # checks which elements match
#  array([[False, False],
#         [ True,  True],
#         [False, False]], dtype=bool)

(z0==wallxy).all(1)   # checks whether all elements of axis 1 match
#  array([False,  True, False], dtype=bool)

(z0==wallxy).all(1).any()   # checks whether any axis 1 matches z0
#  True

If instead you used z0 = numpy.array([2,3]), then everything would be False.

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