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MySQL Question

Spark 1.4.1: Issue when reading MySQL BigInt columns

When reading MySQL columns that are of type

below), Spark cannot cast
to a
in the following snippet:

val driver = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
val server = ...
val infoSchema = "INFORMATION_SCHEMA"
val port = 3306
val user = ...
val pw = ...
val dbUrl = s"jdbc:mysql://$server:$port/$infoSchema"

val dbProperties = new java.util.Properties()
dbProperties.setProperty("driver", driver)
dbProperties.setProperty("user", user)
dbProperties.setProperty("password", pw)

val schema = ...
val table = ...

val cols = sqlContext.read.jdbc(dbUrl, "COLUMNS", dbProperties)
.filter(col("TABLE_SCHEMA") === schema && col("TABLE_NAME") === table)
.map(_.getValuesMap[String](Seq("ORDINAL_POSITION", "COLUMN_NAME")))

cols.map(e => e("COLUMN_NAME"))
cols.map(e => e("ORDINAL_POSITION")) // java.math.BigDecimal cannot be cast to java.lang.String

However, when I do the following, there is no issue:

val num = new java.math.BigDecimal(1)

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Answer Source

Row.getValuesMap[T] is not used for type casting. Instead it explicitly states that values are of type T (internally it is just a get followed asInstanceOf[T]) and BigDecimal is clearly not a String.

You could:

  • Add implicit conversion.
  • Use _.getValuesMap[Any].
  • Use SQL cast before mapping.

    withColumn("ORDINAL_POSITION", $"ORDINAL_POSITION".cast(StringType))

but to be honest honest all these options are rather ugly it makes more sense to extract values directly:

  .map { case Row(i: java.math.BigDecimal, c: String) => (i, c) }
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