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Python Question

Proper way to dynamically import a module with relative imports?

I need to dynamically import modules into my project from another package.

The structure is like:


I made this function to load a module:

import os

from importlib.util import spec_from_file_location, module_from_spec

def load_module(path, name=""):
""" loads a module by path """
name = name if name != "" else path.split(os.sep)[-1] # take the module name by default
spec = spec_from_file_location(name, os.path.join(path, ""))
plugin_module = module_from_spec(spec)
return plugin_module
except Exception as e:
print("failed to load module", path, "-->", e)

It works, unless the module uses relative imports:

failed to load module /path/to/plugins/plugin1 --> Parent module 'plugin1' not loaded, cannot perform relative import

What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

I managed to solve my own issue after a LOT of googling. Turns out I needed to import using relative paths:

>>> from importlib import import_module
>>> config = import_module("plugins.config")
>>> config
<module 'plugins.config' from '/path/to/plugins/config/'>
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