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Generate Dates between date ranges

I need to populate a table that will store the date ranges between 2 given dates: 09/01/11 - 10/10/11

So in this case the table would start from 09/01/11 and store each day till it got to 10/10/11
I was wondering if there was a slick way of doing this in SQL Server - I am currently using SQL Server 2008. Thanks

Answer Source

Easy on SQL 2005+; easier if you have a numbers or tally table. I faked it below:

DECLARE @StartDate DATE = '20110901'
  , @EndDate DATE = '20111001'

SELECT  DATEADD(DAY, nbr - 1, @StartDate)
FROM    ( SELECT    ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( ORDER BY c.object_id ) AS Nbr
          FROM      sys.columns c
        ) nbrs
WHERE   nbr - 1 <= DATEDIFF(DAY, @StartDate, @EndDate)

If you have a tally table, replace the subquery with the table. No recursion.

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