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C# Question

AcroPDFlib, AxAcroPDFLib commercial use

I'm C# developer and i'd like to use this libraries:
AcroPDFlib, AxAcroPDFLib

from Visual Studio COM References. Is it't legal to sell software which using these libraries ? I know that it's required to have installed Adobe Reader on PC.

Can I sell it without contact with Adobe ? It's not easy to find clear find clear information.

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No it is not legal. The current license fee is:

One-time License Fee - $5,000

The following libraries are from Adobe and you need to get any license if you want to sell it commercial.

The following files are wrappers and there is no need of license of a wrapper:



But if you are downloading these both files from anywhere in the internet, it is not legal to sell it to your customers. The original files



Are needed and then, you need a license. Pay attention using for reading PDF files. It is not for free for commercial as it seems to be.

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