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SQL Question

SQL Sub query Issue

Unable to catch Sub Query output on where

There is my SQL code

SELECT Txn.TrnID, Txn.Date, Txn.Amount,
(SELECT `MetaValue` FROM `meta` WHERE `Parent` = 'DB_Transaction' AND `MainID` = Txn.TrnID AND `MetaKey` = 'SalesID' AND `MetaValue` = '803') AS SubqueryResult
FROM transaction as Txn
WHERE SubqueryResult = '803'

I'm getting this error

Unknown column 'SubqueryResult' in 'where clause'


May you can try Dr. Stitch. which is

SELECT Txn.TrnID, Txn.Date, Txn.Amount, m.MetaValue FROM transaction as Txn inner join meta as m    on m.Parent = 'DB_Transaction' and m.MainID = Txn.TrnID AND m.MetaKey = 'SalesID' AND m.MetaValue = '803' LIMIT 10