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Form not staying next to buttons

I'm designing a footer on a HTML webpage with a radio-selection form on it. I have some buttons inside the footers div, centered using

. Without the form on it, it works 100%. I can't get the form to display next to the other buttons, without using
float: right;
in the stylesheet. When I use float, it is inconsistently dynamic with the rest of the buttons in the div. I've tried setting fixed heights, but I want it to be dynamic. So how can I get the form to display next the the links, in the same way that the links display next to each other?




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You could put both groups of elements inside their own <div> and float them both to the left.

<div style="float:left;">
    <a id="BtnStyle" href="">10&nbsp;Views</a>
    <a id="BtnStyle" href="">About</a>
    <a id="BtnStyle" href="">SD-Storage</a>
<div style="float:left">
    <form action="#" width="200px" class="ThemeSelector">
        <input name="group1" type="radio" id="test1" class="red" />
        <label for="test1">Test 1</label>
        <input name="group1" type="radio" id="test2" class="red" />
        <label for="test2">Test 2</label>

Here's an example

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