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Carthage: no shared framework schemes for iOS platform (for my own framework)

I create a framework (called ProjectOne) built and tested it. I want to allow this framework to be used in

. I edited my scheme and made the default
scheme shared in
. I did a carthage build and verified that the framework was build in Carthage/Build/iOS.

I then push to github and and create a release.

In another project, I'm using this framework. But, carthage reports "Dependency ProjectOne has no shared framework schemes for any of the platforms: iOS".

I'm pretty sure I shared the scheme in ProjectOne - does anyone know why this is happening?

Answer Source

The folks at Carthage helped me discover the issue - Xcode was not adding the schemes to git. Make sure that .xcodeproj/xcshareddata/xcschemes is added and pushed to github.

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