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Difference in List Objects Pandas Dataframe

I Have a Data Frame as descibed Below

Dt_Frame = pd.DataFrame()

AIDList = ['ID1','ID2','ID3','ID4','ID5']
BIDList = ['ID1','ID2','ID3']

Dt_Frame = Dt_Frame.append ({'Country': 'USA', 'Schedule': 'Daily', 'Date': '2016-12-07', 'Status': 'Active','AListIDs' : AIDList ,'BListIDs' : BIDList}, ignore_index=True)

I have a add a Column
which shows the Differences in 2 columns namely AIDList and BIDList ,Which in this case is
,Which i think Sets Can be used in case, But Not Sure How do i do it? AIDList and BIDList types is List.And also How can i add One more column
which gives the Number of objects in the list AIDList

Answer Source

To add new column, you can Dt_Frame["newColumnName"] = value.

Regarding the set difference, your intuition is right. First, you can use apply to convert the list's into set's

A = Dt_Frame["AListIDs"].apply(set)
B = Dt_Frame["BListIDs"].apply(set)

Then applying minus on each side will give you the difference w.r.t the other set. That is

A - B

0    {ID4, ID5}
dtype: object

B - A

0    {}
dtype: object

For symmetric difference we'll need A,B to be in the same DataFrame (either for the symmetric_difference method or for the | operator):

# We add two new columns
Dt_Frame["ASetIDs"] = A
Dt_Frame["BSetIDs"] = B

# We need to transpose since apply operates on columns
Dt_Frame[["ASetIDs", "BSetIDs"]].T.apply(lambda x: x.ASetIDs.symmetric_difference(x.BSetIDs))
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