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RAVI RAVI - 9 months ago 84
Python Question

NLTK - Download all nltk data except corpara from command line without Downloader UI

We can download all nltk data using:

> import nltk

Or specific data using:


But I want to download all data except 'corpara' files,
for example - all chunkers, grammers, models, stemmers, taggers, tokenizers, etc

is there any way to do so without Downloader UI? something like,



List all corpora ids and set _status_cache[] = 'installed'.

It will set status value for all corpora as 'installed' and all corpora packages will skipped when we use download('all').

import nltk

dwlr = nltk.downloader.Downloader()

for pkg in dwlr.corpora():
    dwlr._status_cache[] = 'installed''all')