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React JSX Question

react-router-redux and redux-immutable: You cannot change <Router history>; it will be ignored

I'm trying to use react-router-redux with redux-immutable and I get an error when the

action is triggered:

action @ 14:19:07.625 @@router/LOCATION_CHANGE
%c prev state color: #9E9E9E; font-weight: bold Map { "repos": Map { "loading": false, "reposCount": 0 }, "users": Map { "loading": false, "usersCount": 0 }, "router": Map { "locationBeforeTransitions": null } }
%c action color: #03A9F4; font-weight: bold { type: '@@router/LOCATION_CHANGE',
{ pathname: 'blank',
search: '',
hash: '',
state: null,
action: 'POP',
key: '5b05pd',
query: {},
'$searchBase': { search: '', searchBase: '' } } }
%c next state color: #4CAF50; font-weight: bold Map { "repos": Map { "loading": false, "reposCount": 0 }, "users": Map { "loading": false, "usersCount": 0 }, "router": Map { "locationBeforeTransitions": Map { "pathname": "blank", "search": "", "hash": "", "state": null, "action": "POP", "key": "5b05pd", "query": Map {}, "$searchBase": Map { "search": "", "searchBase": "" } } } }
—— log end ——
<Provider> does not support changing `store` on the fly. It is most likely that you see this error because you updated to Redux 2.x and React Redux 2.x which no longer hot reload reducers automatically. See https://github.com/reactjs/react-redux/releases/tag/v2.0.0 for the migration instructions.
Warning: [react-router] You cannot change <Router history>; it will be ignored

I've been reading online at this issue seem to be caused by hot loader but I'm not using it.

This is how the code looks like:


const routes = (
<Route path="/" component={AppLayout}>
<IndexRoute component={Home} />
<Route path="/users" component={UsersPage} />
<Route path="/repos" component={ReposPage} />

Root component

class Root extends React.Component<RootComponentProps, void> {
public render() {
const { store, history, routes } = this.props;
return (
<Provider store={store}>
<Router history={history}>
<DevTools />


const initialRouterReducerState = Immutable.fromJS({
locationBeforeTransitions: null

let routerReducer = (state = initialRouterReducerState, action: any) => {
if (action.type === LOCATION_CHANGE) {
return state.merge({
locationBeforeTransitions: action.payload
return state;


// ...

let history = syncHistoryWithStore(browserHistory, store, {
selectLocationState: (state: any) => state.get("routing").toJS()

<Root store={store} history={history} routes={routes} />,

Do you have any ideas about what can be causing this issue?

Answer Source

It turns out that all my problems were caused by a wrong configuration of jsdom. I have created a dom.ts file that I can import from the files that contains mocha unit tests:

/// <reference path="../src/interfaces/interfaces.d.ts" />

let jsdom = require("jsdom");

// setup the simplest document possible
let doc = jsdom.jsdom(
    `<!doctype html>
            <div id="root"/><div>
        url: "http://redux-bootstrap.com/"

// get the window object out of the document
let win = doc.defaultView;

// set globals for mocha that make access to document and window feel 
// natural in the test environment
let g: any = global;
g.document = doc;
g.window = win;

// take all properties of the window object and also attach it to the 
// mocha global object

// from mocha-jsdom https://github.com/rstacruz/mocha-jsdom/blob/master/index.js#L80
function propagateToGlobal (window: any) {
  for (let key in window) {
    if (!window.hasOwnProperty(key)) { continue; }
    if (key in global) { continue; }
    g[key] = window[key];
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