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Python Question

Iterating through two pandas dataframes and appending data from one dataframe to the other

I have two pandas data-frames that look like this:


index un_id city
1 abc new york
2 def atlanta
3 gei toronto
4 lmn tampa


index name un_id
1 frank gei
2 john lmn
3 lisa abc
4 jessica def

I need to match names to cities via the un_id column either in a new data-frame or an existing data-frame. I am having trouble figuring out how to iterate through one column, grab the un_id, iterate through the other un_id column in the other data-frame with that un_id, and then append the information needed back to the original data-frame.

Answer Source

use pandas merge:

      name un_id      city
0    frank   gei   toronto
1     john   lmn     tampa
2     lisa   abc  new york
3  jessica   def   atlanta
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