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How to get PHP errors to show up in the GAE Error Reporting view?

With a PHP application in Google App Engine, I cannot get the errors to show in the Error Reporting view, part of the Stackdriver offering. It should be configured by default, but putting in errors on purpose or by logging with error_log() still leaves the Error Reporting view empty.

The errors do show up in the Logging view as request with an error in the request_log.

Do I need to configure something? The docs say this should work by default (and as far as I can tell I am not using the Flexible Environment).

Answer Source

Error Reporting is configured out of the box for App Engine standard PHP, no setup is required.

But it seems that the error parser has an issue and does not detect your errors, in particular errors of the shape: <type>: <message> in <file> on line <line>. It expects <type>: <message> in <file>:<line>.

We will be working on a fix in the following weeks. Thanks for your feedback.

Steren Giannini, Stackdriver Error Reporting product manager

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