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Javascript Question

First Web Application and Just need to know the First Step

The app is named "my name." (how original)
I have been learning Java, C++ and other languages in my university but I have not learned how to tie it all together and the internet is actually being counterproductive because it's telling me too much with all the buzzwords like (anguarjs, JSP, swing, Ajax, etc) and I'm just really lost.

The app wants to do very simple things:

  1. The screen will literally just have my name written in it: John Doe.

  2. Every click will randomize and change the typeface of each letters such that J will be in Comic Sans, o will be italicized, h will be in boldface Times New Roman, n would be in blue, etc.

  3. Mouse movement will change the background color in smooth realtime fashion.

I frankly can't get hold of what my workflow should look like..

WHAT IS MY FIRST STEP? and maybe right after that? What tools do I need? I assume HTML and JavaScript? It's very simple and the fact that I can't do this really frustrates me. Preferably, I'd like to use new and popular methods like HTML5. Thank you so much in advance.

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As you say, HTML + javascript. I would recommend you using at least jQuery as you can get and modify HTML elements easily but you can go with just HTML + css + js (it's slightly harder).

With jQuery you can listen to page events, like click.

$(document).on("click", function() {
    // Change text attributes. For example if you
    // have <p id="name">John Doe</p>, you can
    // change attributes like that:
    $("#name").css("font-family", "comicsans or something");

For the mouse move take a look at mousemove event.

You will ran into a lot of problems and I recommend you being patient taking into account you are learning from those mistakes.

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