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Java Question

Boolean.parseBoolean("1") = false...?

sorry to be a pain... I have:

HashMap<String, String> o

o.get('uses_votes'); // "1"


Boolean.parseBoolean(o.get('uses_votes')); // "false"

I'm guessing that
doesn't accept the standard
0 = false
1 = true

Am I doing something wrong or will I have to wrap my code in:

boolean uses_votes = false;
if(o.get('uses_votes').equals("1")) {
uses_votes = true;


Answer Source

It accepts only a string value of "true" to represent boolean true. Best what you can do is

boolean uses_votes = "1".equals(o.get("uses_votes"));

Or if the Map actually represents an "entitiy", I think a Javabean is way much better. Or if it represents configuration settings, you may want to take a look into Apache Commons Configuration.