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How is the ID Converted to A Task?

I am trying to understand this Symfony code:

In particular:

* @Route("/show/{id}", name="task_show")
public function showAction(Task $task)
return $this->render('task/show.html.twig', [
'task' => $task,

How does Symfony need to know that the {id} in the Route should get converted to the $task in showAction(Task $task)?

Answer Source

Symfony uses parameter converters under the hood. Their use is optional with the @ParamConverter annotation, but implicit when the method is type-hinted as in your example. One could rewrite your example using an explicit call as:

 * @Route("/show/{id}", name="task_show")
 * @ParamConverter("task", "AppBundle\Entity\Task:Task")
public function showAction($task)

This functionality is based around the objects being Doctrine models, as documented in the controllers section of the Symfony manual:

Normally, you'd expect a $id argument to showAction(). Instead, by creating a new argument ($post) and type-hinting it with the Post class (which is a Doctrine entity), the ParamConverter automatically queries for an object whose $id property matches the {id} value. It will also show a 404 page if no Post can be found.

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