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iOS Question

How to create apple mail plugin for Mac OS X

I want to make apple mail plugin but I don't know anything like!

  1. From where to start?

  2. which application in Xcode I suppose to chose for Apple mail plugin
    (In create new Project)

  3. Can we develop this thing in Objective-C? or need other thing to

  4. Is there any Tutorial for this issue?

I also find for this issue on stack but not getting proper help
I Also look on How to create Apple mail plugin

on stack overflow but not satisfied with the answer.

Thanks for any Suggestion or Help.

Answer Source

There is no official plugin support in the Mail.app. Apple is pretty restrictive with its applications.

Anyways, there is a project which integrates PGP since years into Mail.app and its still supported by the original developer.

Check GPGMail. The source is freely available via GitHub and should give you a first overview or and project template for Mail.app plugins.

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