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Python Question

How to find exceptions in code that is not executed?

In this simple Python code if the value of

is changed from
then there will be a
showing that
is undefined. However, if the
clause is never executed, the error remains hidden. How can I detect these kind of errors?

if a==0 :
print "hello"
else :
print b

Answer Source

pylint is able to find a lot of common (and not so common) errors in python code without executing it, example output from your example:

C:  1, 0: Exactly one space required around assignment
 ^ (bad-whitespace)
C:  2, 0: Exactly one space required around comparison
if a==0 :
    ^^ (bad-whitespace)
C:  2, 0: No space allowed before :
if a==0 :
        ^ (bad-whitespace)
C:  4, 0: No space allowed before :
else :
     ^ (bad-whitespace)
C:  1, 0: Missing module docstring (missing-docstring)
C:  1, 0: Invalid constant name "a" (invalid-name)
E:  5,10: Undefined variable 'b' (undefined-variable)

The line you're interested in here is: E: 5,10: Undefined variable 'b' (undefined-variable)

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