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Material Design md-datepicker auto-open on page load

I'm new to Material Design and I am building a page with an md-datepicker and I want to make the md-datepicker auto open on page load. How can I do this? I've searched for this matter but there are only documentations that the md-datepicker will only open on input focus. I haven't found any documentation for md-datepicker auto-open on page load yet. So far this is what I have just created, the default md-datepicker:

my page
Looking forward for your suggestions and advises. I'd really appreciate it.

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Instead of using md-datepicker to open onLoad, I found a way to workaround by using md-calendar

Here is my piece of code that I added in my project:

<md-calendar ng-model="myDate" style="width:auto;height:auto;display:block"></md-calendar>

Caption: Caption

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