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Slide Over and Split View is not enabling

I am trying to enable Slide Over and Split View in the iPad application.But in the side menu my application is missing.

I am using this guide that is presented in this link.

I do this steps:

  • Set the Base SDK to “Latest iOS,” as described in Setting the Base
    SDK in App Distribution Guide.

  • Provide a LaunchScreen.storyboard file (instead of a .png image file
    as you did in iOS 7 and earlier), as described in Creating a Launch
    Screen File in App Distribution Guide.

  • In your project’s Info.plist file, in the “Supported interface
    orientations (iPad)” array.

In the project.


enter image description here

Base SDK

enter image description here

iPad Orientation

enter image description here

Answer Source

Did you tried unchecking Requires full screen. In iPad it prevent multi window support.

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