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How to insert a HTML into Excel

I have a map on a website which changes with time (interactive) and I would like to insert it on the excel sheet.

I am using this code but it does not show the HTML:

Private Sub Mapit()
URL = Sheets("sheet1").Cells(1, 1) //Here there is written the link to the website that want to show on excel
Sheets("sheet1").Pictures.Insert(URL).Select End Sub

Is that possible? I guess that Sheets("sheet1").Pictures.Insert(URL).Select is the problem but I am not able to find which is the correct way.

Thank you for your time

Answer Source

Try this. You are almost there. No need for .Select

Sub Mapit()

    Dim URL As String
    URL = "https://www.google.com/images/srpr/logo9w.png"
    ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert (URL)

End Sub

Private Sub Mapit()

    Dim URL As String
    URL = Sheets("sheet1").Cells(1, 1)

    Sheets("sheet1").Pictures.Insert (URL)

End Sub

Updated after comments :

Insert Userform > Goto toolbox > Additional COntrols > Select Microsoft Web Browser > OK

Drag the control to userform

Now on userform paste below code

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    Me.WebBrowser1.Navigate ("www.google.com")
End Sub
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