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Using Fiji image processing as a library in Java

Fiji (http://fiji.sc) is an app that, as far as I can tell, is written in Java and does image processing. Is there any way to remove the 'app' part and just use it as a normal library and import it in a normal Java project?

Right now the only two options available are 'scripts' and 'plugins'. Neither of which I want as they both live within this Fiji editor app. Is there a place just to download the image processing libraries and not the whole app?

Answer Source

Fiji itself is a package distribution of the ImageJ library, which may suit what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are using Maven, declare the dependencies in your pom.xml:


If not, you can grab the .jar off the repository manager on their website and include it as an external dependency. You can then start messing around with the library in your project:

public void loadAndDisplay(File file) {
    ImageJ ij = new ImageJ();
    Object data = ij.io().open(file);
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