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What is the meaning of ' in matlab, and how to change it to python

grad = (1/m * (h-y)' * X) + lambda * [0;theta(2:end)]'/m;
cost = 1/(m) * sum(-y .* log(h) - (1-y) .* log(1-h)) + lambda/m/2*sum(theta(2:end).^2);

How to change this two lines to python? I tried to use the zip to do the same job as '. But it shows the error.

Answer Source

The " ' " in Matlab is 'transpose' of a matrix. The numpy package is the fundamental package for scientific computing in python. numpy.transpose could be used to carry the same task out.

import numpy as np
matrix = np.arange(6).reshape((2,3))

This going to create a matrix with two rows and three columns as follows :

>>> array([[0, 1, 2],[3, 4, 5]])

Then the transpose is given as:

np.transpose (matrix)
>>> array([[0, 3],[1, 4],[2, 5]])

I hope it helps

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