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Node.js Question

One-line check if socket is in given room?

I'm using Node.js with for a multiplayer card game, and there are game rooms which players can join.

For joining a room, I simply use:

io.sockets.on('connection', function (socket) {
socket.on('joinRoom', function (gid) {
//gid is game ID - create room name based on this and join the room
var room = 'game'+gid;

My question is, what is the quickest way to check if a socket is connected to a certain room? I know I could get all sockets in that room in an array and then check whether the target socket is in the array, but I'm guessing there should be a more basic syntax for this. What I'm looking for (in pseudo-code) would be

if(socket with ID "z8b7dbf98i" is in room "game10")
//do something


For the documentation, doesn't seem to have any simple way to do that. You really need to check if the client is in the room array, or the opposite: if the room is in the client array.

This can be done with an oneliner using indexOf:

if(socket.rooms.indexOf(room) >= 0)

Or the opposite search:

if(io.sockets.manager.rooms['/' + room].indexOf( >= 0)