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Android Question

How to get Mobile Country Code like +91 for India?

I had tried using TelephonyManager

TelephonyManager telephonyManager=(TelephonyManager)getBaseContext().
String CountryIso= telephonyManager.getNetworkCountryIso();
String NetworkIso=telephonyManager.getSimCountryIso();

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There are always huge discussions about this, and I never understand why developers and companies go for the complex way. The language selected by the user, means the language he/she wants to see always in his/her phone. They don't intend to have apps in a different language than others or the system.

The choice is very straight forward: Use Locale (to get the language the user selected as preferred), or make your best to piss them off showing them information in a language they already said they don't want to see things in.

To get the country code use:

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