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SQL Question

Rails scope for IS NOT NULL and is not empty/blank?

I have the following scope:

scope :comments, :conditions => ['text_value IS NOT NULL']

But I also want the conditions to say "OR text_value IS NOT EMPTY" (or something to that effect).

I don't want to select any rows where
is empty/blank.

Answer Source

As Erwin points out, a simple text_value <> '' comparison will work in this case.

scope :comments, where("text_value <> ''")

(Rails 3 prefers this query syntax for scope—as well as find, all, etc.—rather than an options hash e.g. :conditions => .... The latter is deprecated in Rails 3.1.)

In Rails 4, the second argument should be a lambda instead:

scope :comments, ->{ where("text_value <> ''") }
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