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PHP - Upload specified collection of values to a resource identified by specified URI

Just finished an automatic newsletter-subscriber module written in C#. Now I have to translate it in PHP so I can use it with my wordpress sites as well. I'm not that good in PHP as most of the time I'm writting .NET MVC applications. In C# I came up with the following solution:

// Code below runs each time a user submits the newsletter form
using (var client = new WebClient()) {

var MyValues = new NameValueCollection();
MyValues["list"] = "123456789";
MyValues["boolean"] = "true";
MyValues["name"] = model.NameSec;
MyValues["email"] = model.EmailSec;

var MyResponse = client.UploadValues("", MyValues);

var MyValue = Encoding.Default.GetString(MyResponse);

if (MyValue.Equals("true")) {
// All correct
else {
// Oops, smth went wrong


Now I'm looking for a similar method as
but for PHP. Could you please give me some guidance?

Answer Source

WebClient.UploadValues() is making a POST request to your URI. To achieve the same in PHP, you should look into Curl. There are plenty of examples available and a number of questions that already address the topic.

This is probably the best answer with source code/examples.

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