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Using $routeProvider to redirect to routes outside of Angular

I've written part of a web application in Angular. To ensure that all routes are covered, I wanted to add a

property to the
, so that invalid routes are returned to the root of the web application, which doesn't use Angular.

I tried:

redirectTo: '/'

but obviously this only routes in the Angular controlled portion of the URL, so users would be redirected to a URL like
, instead of
, where I'd like them to go.

I've worked around this by having a blank partial to act as a '404' page, and then a controller which just uses the
object to redirect to the desired page:


// Redirect to site list.
$routeProvider.when('/404', {
templateUrl: '/partials/404.html',
controller: 'RedirectCtrl'

// Redirect to the 404 page.
redirectTo: '/404'


// Controller to redirect users to root page of site.
.controller('RedirectCtrl', ['$scope', '$window', function ($scope, $window) {

$window.location.href = '/';

However, this is setting off the 'too hacky, must be a better way' alarm bells. Is there a better way to do this in Angular?

EDIT: Angular routes - redirecting to an external site? didn't yield an answer to the same question. I'm going to leave my question open instead of marking it as a duplicate (for now), as with the Angular world moving so fast, the previous answer may no longer be the case.

Answer Source

The above solution with /404 does not work for me. This however seems to work

    controller : function(){
    template : "<div></div>"

PS. I am using Angular 1.2.10

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