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Perl Question

how to extract titles from a text file and use those titles to open other files and search for patterns

I am trying to figure out a Perl program that reads a text file containing file names, opens each of those files and searches them for a regular expression.

I am reasoning that first I need to read the file and save everything into an array.


element of the array,
the corresponding file and search within it.

There seem to be too many loops and I can`t keep track. Can someone please help?

Answer Source

My approach would be like below to solve the problem.

my $filename = 'names.txt';
open (my $fh, "<", $filename) or die $!;

# assuming each line contains file name
while ( <$fh> ) {
    chomp $_;
    my $file_contents;
        open (my $fh, '<', $_) or die $!;
        local $/ = undef;
        $file_contents = <$fh>;
        close $fh;
    print "Matched!" if $file_contents =~ /GGGGG/;


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