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Java Question

How to pass systemProperties when invoking exec:java plugin in maven?

I want to use the exec:java plugin to invoke the main class from command line. I can pass arguments from the command line using

-Dexec.args="arg0 arg1 arg2"
, I don't know how to pass system properties. I tried '-Dexec.systemProperties="key=value"` but with no effect.

looks like this:


Answer Source

There is no way to set the <systemProperties> parameter on the command line.

However, since exec:java is not forked, you can just pass a system property to maven and it will be picked up by exec:java as well.

mvn -Dkey=value exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=com.yourcompany.yourclass \
    -Dexec.args="arg1 arg2 arg3"
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