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How to connect vb.Net application to Oracle using LDAP server?

For database connectivity to our Vb.net application we were using


But for now, We have the end files in a common LDAP server. We call it OID. We are stuck how to connect Oracle DB to our vb.net application using LDAP server.

Could you please provide any help regarding this.

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When your names are provided from LDAP server then you don't need any tnsnames.ora file anymore.

In order to use LDAP server you have to change attribute NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH in your sqlnet.ora file like this:


This will first search in LDAP and - if nothing found - then search tnsnames.ora file.

Then you have to create a file called ldap.ora in the same directory with content similar to this:

DEFAULT_ADMIN_CONTEXT = "dc=domain,dc=net"
DIRECTORY_SERVERS = (ldap-server1.domain.net:389:636,ldap-server2.domain.net:389:636)

Check documentation for details:

Directory Usage Parameters (ldap.ora)

Parameters for the sqlnet.ora File

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