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Scala Question

Scalas too verbose

When running scalas scripts, the first output line is something like:

[info] Set current project to root-5a8b3b7852543088d088 (in build file:/Users/username/bin/~/.sbt/boot/5a8b3b7852543088d088/)

This does not give much useful information and is more of a distraction. Also, if I want to pipe the output of the script to another script, I would have to filter this line as well.

Is there a flag or some other way to stop sbt from printing this line?


For now, as a workaround, I am piping the output of the script into
to drop the first line:

exec java $JAVA_OPTS -jar "$LAUNCHJAR" "$@" | tail -n +2

Answer Source

It's echoing this setting:

onLoadMessage := ""
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