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Should I escape shell arguments in Perl?

When using system() calls in Perl, do you have to escape the shell args, or is that done automatically?

The arguments will be user input, so I want to make sure this isn't exploitable.

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If you use system $cmd, @args rather than system "$cmd @args" (an array rather than a string), then you do not have to escape the arguments because no shell is invoked (see system). system {$cmd} $cmd, @args will not invoke a shell either even if $cmd contains metacharacters and @args is empty (this is documented as part of exec). If the args are coming from user input, you will still want to untaint them. See -T in the perlrun docs, and the perlsec docs.

If you need to read the output or send input to the command, qx and readpipe have no equivalent. Instead, use open my $output, "-|", $cmd, @args or open my $input, "|-", $cmd, @args although this is not portable as it requires a real fork which means Unix only... I think. Maybe it'll work on Windows with its simulated fork. A better option is something like IPC::Run, which will also handle the case of piping commands to other commands, which neither the multi-arg form of system nor the 4 arg form of open will handle.