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Point to Json File you created in Android Studio

Practing my JSON to JAVA Object skills, running into an issue, trying to point to the json file i created in android studio, instead of writing out my json data in full. here is my code. Thank you

Trying to turn this:

gson.fromJson("{\"draw_date\":\"2016-10-07T00:00:00.000\",\"mega_ball\":\"14\",\"multiplier\":\"02\",\"winning_numbers\":\"24 37 42 50 65\"}", MegaPOJO.class));

Into This:

System.out.println(gson.fromJson(jsonFile, MegaPOJO.class));


If you want to do this, place the json file in the raw resources folder.

I created a ResourceManager class to get the content.

public class ResourceManager {

    private final Context context;
    private final Resources resources;
    private static ResourceManager resourceManager;

    private ResourceManager(Context context) {
        this.context = context;
        this.resources = context.getResources();

    public static ResourceManager getResourceManager(Context context) {
        if (resourceManager == null) {
            resourceManager = new ResourceManager(context);

        return resourceManager;

    public String getJSONFromRawResources(String jsonFilename) {
        int resourceID = resources.getIdentifier(jsonFilename, "raw", context.getPackageName());

        InputStream inputStream = resources.openRawResource(resourceID);
        try {
            BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(inputStream));
            StringBuilder jsonStringStringBuilder = new StringBuilder();

            String line;
            while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) {

            return jsonStringStringBuilder.toString();
        } catch (IOException e) {
            return null;

You can access this class by:

ResourceManager resourceManager = ResourceManager.getResourceManager(this);
String jsonResult = resourceManager.getJSONFromRawResources("jsonfile");

And then you can use:

 System.out.println(gson.fromJson(jsonResult, MegaPOJO.class));