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Using the JPA Criteria API, can you do a fetch join that results in only one join?

Using JPA 2.0. It seems that by default (no explicit fetch),

@OneToOne(fetch = FetchType.EAGER)
fields are fetched in 1 + N queries, where N is the number of results containing an Entity that defines the relationship to a distinct related entity. Using the Criteria API, I might try to avoid that as follows:

CriteriaBuilder builder = entityManager.getCriteriaBuilder();
CriteriaQuery<MyEntity> query = builder.createQuery(MyEntity.class);
Root<MyEntity> root = query.from(MyEntity.class);
Join<MyEntity, RelatedEntity> join = root.join("relatedEntity");
root.fetch("relatedEntity");"id"), 3));

The above should ideally be equivalent to the following:

SELECT m FROM MyEntity m JOIN FETCH myEntity.relatedEntity r WHERE = 3

However, the criteria query results in the root table needlessly being joined to the related entity table twice; once for the fetch, and once for the where predicate. The resulting SQL looks something like this:

SELECT, myentity.attribute,, relatedentity2.attribute
FROM my_entity myentity
INNER JOIN related_entity relatedentity1 ON myentity.related_id =
INNER JOIN related_entity relatedentity2 ON myentity.related_id =

Alas, if I only do the fetch, then I don't have an expression to use in the where clause.

Am I missing something, or is this a limitation of the Criteria API? If it's the latter, is this being remedied in JPA 2.1 or are there any vendor-specific enhancements?

Otherwise, it seems better to just give up compile-time type checking (I realize my example doesn't use the metamodel) and use dynamic JPQL TypedQueries.

Answer Source

Instead of root.join(...) you can use root.fetch(...) which returns Fetch<> object.

Fetch<> is descendant of Join<> but it can be used in similar manner.

You just need to cast Fetch<> to Join<> it should work for EclipseLink and Hibernate

Join<MyEntity, RelatedEntity> join = (Join<MyEntity, RelatedEntity>)root.fetch("relatedEntity");
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