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BeautifulSoup returns empty list when searching by compound class names

BeautifulSoup returns empty list when searching by compound class names using regex.


import re
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

bs =
<a class="name-single name692" href="www.example.com"">Example Text</a>

bsObj = BeautifulSoup(bs)

# this returns the class
found_elements = bsObj.find_all("a", class_= re.compile("^(name-single.*)$"))

# this returns an empty list
found_elements = bsObj.find_all("a", class_= re.compile("^(name-single name\d*)$"))

I need the class selection to be very precise. Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, when you try to make a regular expression match on a class attribute value that contains multiple classes, BeautifulSoup would apply the regular expression to every single class separately. Here are the relevant topics about the problem:

This is all because class is a very special multi-valued attribute and every time you parse HTML, one of the BeautifulSoup's tree builders (depending on the parser choice) internally splits a class string value into a list of classes (quote from the HTMLTreeBuilder's docstring):

# The HTML standard defines these attributes as containing a
# space-separated list of values, not a single value. That is,
# class="foo bar" means that the 'class' attribute has two values,
# 'foo' and 'bar', not the single value 'foo bar'.  When we
# encounter one of these attributes, we will parse its value into
# a list of values if possible. Upon output, the list will be
# converted back into a string.

There are multiple workarounds, but here is a hack-ish one - we are going to ask BeautifulSoup not to handle class as a multi-valued attribute by making our simple custom tree builder:

import re

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from bs4.builder._htmlparser import HTMLParserTreeBuilder

class MyBuilder(HTMLParserTreeBuilder):
    def __init__(self):
        super(MyBuilder, self).__init__()

        # BeautifulSoup, please don't treat "class" specially

bs = """<a class="name-single name692" href="www.example.com"">Example Text</a>"""
bsObj = BeautifulSoup(bs, "html.parser", builder=MyBuilder())
found_elements = bsObj.find_all("a", class_=re.compile(r"^name\-single name\d+$"))


In this case the regular expression would be applied to a class attribute value as a whole.

Alternatively, you can just parse the HTML with xml features enabled (if this is applicable):

soup = BeautifulSoup(data, "xml")

You can also use CSS selectors and match all elements with name-single class and a class staring with "name":


You can then apply the regular expression manually if needed:

pattern = re.compile(r"^name-single name\d+$")
for elm in bsObj.select("a.name-single,a[class^=name]"):
    match = pattern.match(" ".join(elm["class"]))
    if match: