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Load colection of elements into a Tuple in Typescript

I have a

and am trying to use it to load a simple list of data values that are strongly typed in
. However I must be using incorrectly because I can't get the syntax correct for trying to add multiple sets of strongly typed elements. For example I have the following definition:

let sOptions: [number, string];
sOptions = [1, "Female"],[2, "Male"];

I've also tried making the
an array but that didn't work either; it doesn't build and says the signature doesn't match:

let sOptions: [number, string][];

Is it possible to load multiple sets of data (1...n) in a tuple based on the tuple's definition of
, or am I using this type incorrectly and there would be a more preferred way?

Answer Source

You need to actually wrap sOptions in square brackets:

let sOptions: [number, string][];
sOptions = [ [1, "Female"], [2, "Male"] ];

Otherwise, the comma operator a,b in TypeScript simply evalutes to the second operand, b. That's why you're getting a signature mismatch.

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