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SQL Question

CASE WHEN statement example in SQL query

And I have special companies in our project that has

value is false.

special_companies = [111, 222, 333];

And I've wrote following query.

SELECT top_company FROM companies

and top_company will return boolean output. Now got problem if
return false, I want to check that each companies are included in
. If included yes, I want to return that company as boolean
. And If not included, boolean

Answer Source

It seems you want to override the top_company value when a company is in the special list:

select *,
       case when id in (111,222,333) or top_company
         then 'YES'
         else 'NO'
       end as is_top_or_special
from   companies

SQL Fiddle

Or, if you don't need the string YES/NO output, but pure boolean:

select *,
       (id in (111,222,333) or top_company) as is_top_or_special
from   companies
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