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How to build android with Crosswalk lite using ionic-cli?

When I compile APK using Crosswalk (

ionic browser add crosswalk; ionic build android
), the size is too big (~20 MB). I think using crosswalk lite will reduce the size of compiled APK. But I have no idea to hack ionic-cli to use crosswalk lite.

My question is:
1. Will this support crosswalk lite?
2. Is there any hack (or temporary solution) to use crosswalk lite?


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This is experimentary , but it will work , cant guarantee there will be no bugs when you build your app though , please read this well before you proceed.

Procedure : ( all steps are done from a machine running MS-Windows 8.1)

  1. First of all, I have searched for available crosswalk-lite everywhere to download the version from , it appears that there are only 3 available versions to download found here , and as you can see the latest is i tried later versions like 12.xx , 13.xx , and 14.xx but in vain , could not find any repo for later versions.

  2. Navigate to your npm node-modules folder : default in windows is


find the ionic module folder , and then , and start editing browser.js file , file can be found inside:


  1. In your code editor find the line #169 :

IonicTask.prototype.downloadCrosswalkWebview = function downloadCrosswalkWebview(architecture, version, releaseStatus) {


this function is responsible for downloading the crosswalk version you want , and it takes the following parameters :

architecture , version and releaseStatus.

We will be adding our lite version manually , so we can download it later.

We will be changing some value temporarily for downloading lite version , but remmeber to turn it back to its original value later :

in line#178 :


 var downloadUrl = '' + releaseStatus + '/' +
    version + '/' + architecture + '/crosswalk-webview-' + version + '-' + architecture + '.zip';

to be :

 var downloadUrl = '' + releaseStatus + '/' +
    version + '/' + architecture + '/crosswalk-webview-' + version + '-' + architecture + '.zip';

  1. in line#39 there is an array of objects crosswalkVersions , add this object to it :

  version: '',
  publish_date: '2015-03-06 03:06',
  canary: true

You can test that object is added successfully running this command in your CLI :

ionic browser list

and as you can see it got listed in available versions: available xwalk versions

  1. Final step is to download your crosswalk-lite project into your project folder via CLI Command :

  ionic browser add crosswalk@

That is all you are done.


I have never tried ionic in building my hybrid projects.

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