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TypeScript Question

Typescript generic function and indexed argument

I have following


"name": "browserify-test",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "",
"main": "dist/index.js",
"typings": "dist/index.d.ts",
"scripts": {
"build:tsc": "tsc --outDir dist",
"build:browser": "browserify src/index.ts -p tsify --standalone MyLib > dist/myLib.js"
"devDependencies": {
"browserify": "^14.0.0",
"tsify": "^3.0.0",
"typescript": "^2.1.5"


"compilerOptions": {
"noImplicitAny": true,
"module": "commonjs",
"target": "ES5",
"emitDecoratorMetadata": true,
"experimentalDecorators": true,
"sourceMap": true,
"declaration": true


export interface MyEvent {
name: string

And finally entry point

import * as events from './events';

export class MyLibrary {
public test(eventInstance: events.MyEvent) {

Building pure typescript version works. So command
npm run build:tsc
works perfectly but trying to build with browserify, so invoking
npm run build:browser
i get following error:

> browserify-test@1.0.0 build /home/aszmyd/tmp/browserify-test
> browserify src/index.ts -p tsify --standalone MyLib > dist/myLib.js

Error: Cannot find module './events' from '/home/aszmyd/tmp/browserify-test/src'

It seems that browserify cannot properly consume type definition files with

The above example WORKS in two cases:

  1. When in
    i import like this:
    import * as events from './events.d;
    (note the ending .d)

  2. When i remove the
    line (?!) - how it can use
    types but cannot use the whole set (alias) ?

I think im missing something dummy here but im lack of ideas.

Answer Source


import * as events from './events';

attempts to import a typescript file called 'events.ts' located in the same directory as the importing file. That is because it is a relative path.

(importing ./events.d will import events.d.ts in the same directory, explaining why "it works")

To import an external module, the import statement is made using the module name (not a path). Hence for a module called 'events', the import statement would be

import * as events from 'events'

When importing an external module, the compiler will look for a definition file, "typing" the module. Depending on how the module is structured this file could be an internal module definition looking like your 'event.d.ts' or an external module definition file which would more likely look like

declare module 'events' {
    export interface MyEvent {
        name: string
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