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'Missing recommended icon file - The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod Touch of exactly '120x120' pixels, in .png format'

I submitted an app update, but I have received an email telling me this error has occurred:

Missing recommended icon file - The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod Touch of exactly '120x120' pixels, in .png format

How can I fix this problem?

Here are the current icon requirements from Apple.

I could not see 120x120 appearing anywhere? Is this iOS 7 specific? Should I include an icon named
or something?

Update: I added three icons to the resource folder (Icon-120.png : 120x120, Icon-76.png: 76x76 & Icon-152.png: 152x152), but it did not add them to the
. The same warning email was received. I decided to not change anything and wait to see what would happen next.

To my utter amazement, the app went into the review stage 20 hours later and was released on the market the very next day! Kind of makes me wonder how many Apple/Windows app review people lurk around here.

Answer Source

Here are one of the helpful website that create an icon for iOS, Mac App and android app:

You just need to drag and drop your 1024 x 1024 icon that will be create all the icon and send it to your email. then follow the following method to set icons for iOS app.

After Apple launched iOS 8, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the app icon sizes and launch image sizes changed; please visit my post for new sizes:

Image resolution for new iPhone 6 and 6+, @3x support added?

Yes, you need to add a 120x120 high resolution icon. Now, if you want to target only iOS 7, you just need 76 x 76, 120 x 120 and 152 x 152 icon sizes. If you also want to target iOS 6, you’ll need 57 x 57, 72 x 72, 76 x 76, 114 x 114, 120 x 120, 144 x 144 and 152 x 152 icon sizes. Without counting Spotlight and Settings icon if you don’t want the OS to interpolate them!

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

As per the blog post New Metrics for iOS 7 App Icons.


As per Apple Guideline App-icon OR Icon and Image Sizes:

Icon dimensions (iOS 7 and later)

Enter image description here

Icon dimensions (iOS 6.1 and earlier)

Enter image description here

Create different sizes of the app icon for different devices. If you’re creating a universal app, you need to supply app icons in all four sizes.

For iPhone and iPod touch, both of these sizes are required:

  • 120 x 120 pixels

  • 60 x 60 pixels (standard resolution)

For iPad, both of these sizes are required:

  • 152 x 152

  • 76 x 76 pixels (standard resolution)

Now set this into Project:

  • Create a new icon with 120 pixels with high-resolution and 60 pixels as regular as above that the Apple documentation mentions and set the name. For example, icon-120.png and icon-152.png.

  • Put this icons into your project Resource folder and add this icon into the project:

Enter image description here

  • After this, click on ProjectName-Info.plist and find the icon files row. If you can't find it, then add it by clicking the (+) sign and select icon files and then set all icon images like below.

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Now archive and distribute your project as we did for submission of the app binary into the App Store. I hope now you can submit your app without any icon issue.


Be careful to provide all the icons you need. Otherwise your app will not pass Apple validation. If you’ve received this kind of email:

Invalid Image - For iOS applications, icons included in the binary submission must be in the PNG format.

- If your application supports the iPhone device family, you must include square icons of the following dimensions: 57x57 pixels and 120x120 pixels.

- If your application supports the iPad device family, you must include square icons of the following dimensions: 72x72 pixels, 76x76 pixels and 152x152 pixels

Apple is now accepting applications that work on iOS 7 as well, so whatever the Deployment target 6.1 or earlier, but you also need to provide the iOS 7 icon sizes as I mention above (that the store is expecting).

Xcode 5 app icon Manage

If you are using xCode5 The first thing to update is the icons. Xcode 5 introduces Asset Catalogs to simply managing multiple copies of an image (such as for multiple resolutions). We’ll create one to manage both the Game’s icons, along with the Launch Images.

enter image description here

Now, click the Use Asset Catalog button. When confirming the migration, you’re also asked if you wish to migrate the Launch Images (which is iOS talk for the splash screen that appears when starting your app) - you’ll want to ensure this is checked as well.

enter image description here

Please take a Look for more Info Apple doc of Asset Catalogs

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