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Javascript Question

Multiple jQuery promises in sequential order

Basically I want this:

function do_ajax_calls(...){
var d = $.Deferred();






return d.promise();

But the number of ajax calls depends on the arguments that I pass to the function, which is an array, so I can't use that code.

The function should return a promise that only resolves when the last ajax calls completes. So the function needs to be called like this:

// here is the callback

Does anyone know how can I do this?

Answer Source

One of the reasons promises are a big deal is because they can be chained. You can use this to your advantage to iteratively chain additional requests onto the resolution of the previous one:

function do_ajax_calls() {
    var dfd = $.Deferred();
    var promise = dfd.promise();
    var responses = [];

    function chainRequest(url) {
        promise = promise.then(function (response) {
            return $.ajax(url, { method: 'POST' });

    for (var i = 0, length = arguments.length; i < length; i++) {


    return promise.then(function (response) {
        return responses.slice(1).concat(response);

The above code will return a promise ultimately resolving to an array of all of the responses. If any one of the requests fails, the promise will reject with the first failure.


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